Well this is me or is it?

One of the things that defines us as a person is a sense of self, where we fit in, what kind of a person we are and how we operate in this crazy world.

But when that all gets a bit muddled or confusing nine times out of ten we look for answers, ( I assume this is just a human thing the whole searching for purpose/direction thing) and 10 times out of nine we come up with nothing, zilch nada, we may satisfy ourselves with a self help Youtube tutorial or 10 ways to change for the better SELF HELP NOW!

But it doesn’t solve the problem maybe temporarily, but never have I personally experienced this overwhelming eureka moment whilst scouring the internet for answers and that’s not what you’re going to find here unfortunately, I’m probably behind you in the distance somewhere.

The only thing I can promise is that I find the answer I will be sure to post it here and on any other social platform that will let me have an account!!

Why am I here, well I’m here because things are slipping into place a little for me and not in any way I expected would help but they kind of just are, I did nothing I just opened my eyes and saw and not because I chose to either, in fact the circumstances which started this ball rolling are actually quite upsetting, traumatic and downright crappy, but hey such is life.

But here I am to introduce my reason for choosing this platform and let you know a little bit of what I intend to include here.

I am hoping to blog at least once a week or when the moment takes me you know those intense feelings of OMG ( which will more than likely be a rambling on)

I have never had a blog, Youtube account, Instagram or any other social media account where I have explored this.

I’m not a professional writer, blogger or well….professional in any sense I’m a full time stay at home mom with three children, so I may not word this well and it may be a bit sketchy but as long as its readable I’m good with that, just not promising an enthralling blog that will be taking the internet by storm. It’s just going to be real and offer some kind of insight into my life/ troubles and how I’m trying to overcome.

Anyway I’m going to sign this off here as its my first go at this and I’m well aware that I can go on just a tad, heres to the beggining.

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